Star Wars Video Adds Schitt’s Creek Reference In The Most Unexpected Way

Star Wars gets mashed up with Schitt’s Creek in a new fan video which uses Alexis Rose’s famous line in place of the lightsaber sound effects.

A Star Wars video featuring an unexpected and hilarious Schitt’s Creek twist went viral on Star Wars Day 2021. The informal holiday celebrating George Lucas’ iconic franchise has been observed annually on May 4 since the first film was released in 1977. Stemming from “May the Fourth be with you,” the commemorative day plays off the unforgettable Jedi and Rebel catchphrase, “May the Force be with you.” Both Lucasfilm and Disney have embraced the holiday over the years, joining fans in the far, far away festivities.

This year, Disney+ has become a major Star Wars Day hub. The streaming platform released a galaxy of Star Wars centered content for fans to enjoy, including a brand new animated series, Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Another notable add is the short, The Simpsons: The Force Awakens From A Nap. The crossover cartoon brims with necessary ingredients for a Star Wars Day celebration: references to all three trilogies and spin-off series. Speaking of crossovers, Star Wars Day saw the epic mashed up with an unexpected series.

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Popular Schitt’s Creek fan account, @nocontxtSC (no context schitt’s creek) shared a now-viral clip on Twitter of what it would be like if Alexis Rose (Annie Murphy) provided the sound effect for lightsabers. Various clips from the Star Wars films featuring lightsabers were dubbed over with the socialite’s most famous line: “EW.” Watch the funny clip below:

Fans and celebrities could be heard laughing at the video throughout the galaxies. Schitt’s Creek creator and star, Dan Levy, even retweeted it adding the cross and bones emoji. Dubbing funny sounds over the classic lightsaber thrum is nothing new, but never seems to get old. Star Wars fans are incredibly passionate and creative, putting hard work into extensive edits focusing on lightsaber bits alone. Schitt’s Creek has its own dedicated fanbase, as well, so unite the two and it’s quite the force.

Star Wars and Schitt’s Creek crossover would be out of this world. Putting the pop culture phenomenons on one screen is almost unimaginable. Though, Moira Rose (Catherine O’Hara) would no doubt be up for the gig and have a perfect wig to boot. While Star Wars keeps churning out new content, Schitt’s Creek unfortunately took its bow in 2020. According to the cast and crew there’s still hope that the Rose family will return in all their black and white-dressed glory, but nothing’s been confirmed. Though all this talk of Star Wars Day does draw up a question: when will fans get Schitt’s Creek Day?

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Source: @nocontxtSC

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