Minecraft Video Shows The Entire Game In A Single Block

A talented Minecraft animator rendered an amazing 3D cartoon showing the entirety of the game’s survival adventure set in a single block.

True to the nature of the survival title, an amazing Minecraft video has shown the entirety of the game in a single block. This is not the first time an incredible 3D animation was used to highlight Minecraft’s sophisticated mechanics and gameplay experience.

A few weeks ago, a talented Minecraft player honored Mojang’s survival title with a brilliantly rendered animation, which demonstrated the beauty of building structures in the game. Although it is a seemingly simple process, making even the smallest cabin can be a challenging yet deeply satisfying activity. The feeling of turning a random area of the inhospitable blocky world into a loving home is familiar to all Minecraft fans, and that’s exactly the vibe expressed in the animation. This more recent video from a different creator, however, can easily compete in quality.

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Minecraft Reddit user PlayArt20 has recently posted an incredibly beautiful animation, which presents the entirety of the game’s experience in just 50 seconds. Moreover, the video effectively shows the full survival adventure from start to finish set in a single block. Each face of the animated rotating cube contains a memorable scene from Minecraft. The story starts with crafting the first generic wooden tool but quickly proceeds to exploring caves and building a Nether portal. After the initial encounter with a blaze ends up in a victory, a player can be seen returning to a village before embarking on a quest to the End. Perhaps the only unrealistic part of the incredible animation is that the player managed to defeat the Ender Dragon while being equipped with just a diamond chestplate and golden boots.

According to the author, this amazing video was fully rendered and animated in Blender. The 3D cartoon is perfectly looped and can be infinitely played on repeat, brilliantly highlighting the very essence of Minecraft’s replayability. A different yet equally impressive kind of video was shot by another fan who put a ridiculous amount of effort into creating a wonderful Lego stop motion animation of Steve the criminal. In it, the default character shamelessly breaks one of the unspoken Minecraft rules.

PlayArt20’s clever idea of envisioning the whole Minecraft adventure within a single block is by far the most accurate representation of what the game truly is. Every scene looks deceptively authentic, and the only thing that gives out the fact they are all 3D renders is the stunning quality of the animation. The player’s movements are a lot smoother, with functional elbow/knee joints, than those of the official character models in Minecraft. While Mojang is protecting the game’s core simplicity, adding a bit of variety and complexity to character animations might actually be an idea worth implementing in the future.

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Minecraft is available on all platforms.

Source: PlayArt20/Reddit

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