Chevy, Ford And Toyota Tease Next Gen NASCAR Racers, All Three Debut Tomorrow

The future of NASCAR racing is upon us as Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota will unveil new cars tomorrow.

While full details will be released shortly, Chevrolet and Toyota teased the Next Gen Camaro and Camry. As you can see, the cars have a similar appearance as they feature a bulging hood with prominent vents. We can also see angular fenders and colorful front ends which echo those found on the road-going models.

Ford went a step further as they released a teaser video revealing how the Mustang will sound. The Blue Oval also noted they have “spent thousands of hours designing the new body,” using the same simulation and design equipment that was used to create vehicles such as the Mustang Mach-E.

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Ford Performance Motorsports’ global director said, “This is truly a game-changing redesign for the sport of NASCAR, and we expect everyone is going to love the result of the countless hours of work by those of us at Ford Performance and our partners in NASCAR.” Mark Rushbrook added, “We couldn’t be more excited to show off the NASCAR Next Gen Mustang to Mustang enthusiasts and Ford race fans around the world.”

While a lot of details remain unconfirmed, the Next Gen racers are slated to adopt a modern chassis and suspension as well as a sequential manual transmission. The cars will also be outfitted with new 18-inch aluminum wheels, which are designed to mimic those found on street cars.

We’ll have more to say about the Next Gen race car tomorrow but, in the meantime, we’ll remind you it’s set to enter competition next year.


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Updated: May 4, 2021 — 10:30 pm

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