Why Hannah Felt Captain Sandy Tried to Compete With Her

Below Deck fans are confused as to why Hannah felt that Captain Sandy tried to compete with her when they were both on the show together.

Hannah Ferrier of Below Deck Mediterranean is speaking out about how she felt Captain Sandy Yawn “competed” with her on the show. Fans are well aware there has been bad blood between the two since her firing, but many feel Hannah is grasping at straws and trying to stay relevant.

Bravo fans will recall that Hannah was forced to walk the plank after Malia White reported her for having undocumented drugs on board the yacht. Even though the valium was prescribed and CBD was legal, the chief stew never registered it with the moats medics and found herself in rough waters. While viewers were outraged at her dismissal since she had been the OG chief stew, others felt it was the right move since Captain Sandy was just following maritime law and couldn’t risk her license being pulled.

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During her interview on the Side Piece with Melissa Pfeisiter podcast, the mother of one explained that they never saw eye-to-eye. Hannah felt that Captain Sandy was trying to look for a legitimate reason to fire her, saying, “She wanted me out from day one.” Even though the captain has no say on who stays or goes, Hannah felt there was always a target on her back.


Captain Sandy Below Deck Mediterranean


Evidently, there was unnecessary competitiveness between the two on set though fans never picked this up. The Australian native revealed she felt uncomfortable filming, saying that their two positions were totally different. She claimed that the competitiveness stemmed from the TV side of things. Naturally, Captain Sandy denies these allegations and clapped back, saying that Hannah didn’t take her job seriously enough because she was only on the show for fame. The seasoned captain made it clear that she was a real captain who expected a certain level of service, which Hannah failed to deliver.

It is obvious to fans that Captain Sandy cares an awful lot about her job, and Below Deck Mediterranean fans felt Hannah had worn out her welcome with her bad attitude and lack of care for her career. The Colorado native made it clear to fans that there was no competition with the chief stew since she ran the boat, and Hannah just waited tables; yikes. It doesn’t look like these women will be making up anytime soon, and that seems perfectly fine for the two yachties.

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Source: Side Piece with Melissa Pfeisiter

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