GvK Makes Godzilla’s King Of The Monsters Ending Less Important

King of the Monsters had a game-changing ending for Godzilla, but it didn’t feel as important as it should have been in Godzilla vs. Kong.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters offered a game-changing ending for Godzilla, but it didn’t feel all that important in the next installment, Godzilla vs. Kong. At the end of King of the Monsters, Godzilla triumphed over Ghidorah by destroying the alien with his nuclear pulses. Following Ghidorah’s death, Rodan, Behemoth, Methuselah, Scylla, and the third MUTO all bowed down to Godzilla and accepted him as their new alpha. Other MonsterVerse Titans presumably followed suit off-screen except for Kong.

Godzilla vs. Kong picked up five years after King of the Monsters ended and revealed that much had changed since Ghidorah’s defeat. Godzilla, for instance, was no longer being treated as a hero to humanity, as he had seemingly taken an unexpected, villainous turn. Apparently, the MonsterVerse abandoned the direction it appeared to be taking in the aftermath of Godzilla beating Ghidorah and becoming the alpha. King of the Monsters’ credits made numerous teases about the MonsterVerse’s future, but many were ignored in Godzilla vs. Kong.

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The biggest event in the third MonsterVerse movie to be overlooked in Godzilla vs. Kong relates to his title as “King of the Monsters”. Godzilla and Kong’s battle had a lot to do with the two being rival alphas, but the importance of that role wasn’t represented in a meaningful way in the movie. In King of the Monsters, he earned the crown and became the alpha of the Titans, but none of the monsters who chose to follow him were present in Godzilla vs. Kong. Godzilla targeting Kong and asserting his dominance illustrates that he does care about being the alpha, but what’s the point of being the alpha if there are no Titans to lead? The new movie took them all off the table.


Godzilla King of the Monsters Ending


The implication of King of the Monsters’ ending was that Godzilla was going to have an assortment of monster minions in his next movie appearance, but that didn’t happen. Instead, Godzilla vs. Kong stuck to the status quo and kept him as a loner. While it made sense for the sake of their one-on-one showdown for Godzilla and Kong not to have any Titan allies, it was a bit disappointing that the MonsterVerse didn’t capitalize on this opportunity to bring something new to the Godzilla franchise. Godzilla has had to team up with other kaiju in the past, but he’s never led minions into battle before. That would have been a unique and fun experience, and it would have been the perfect follow-up to King of the Monsters’ Godzilla story.

While Godzilla vs. Kong didn’t do as much as it could have with Godzilla’s alpha status, that can, hopefully, be corrected in a future movie. If the MonsterVerse does continue, Rodan and King of the Monsters’ original Titans can once again awaken from hibernation and join their “king” in battle against a new threat, whether it be Biollante, Destoroyah, or an entirely new villain.

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