Why Marvel’s Shocking Kiss is One of Comics’ Best Ever Twists

Marvel Comics’ latest issue of Runaways turned an anticipated relationship-ending kiss around, just to give fans an even more unexpected kiss.

Warning: major spoilers ahead for Runaways #35!

Marvel Comics’ shocking kiss in Runaways is one of comics’ best ever twists. Runaways #34 teased a kiss between Nico and Pixie, but what really happened in the newest issue was even more shocking. The kiss that fans were expecting was not the kiss that they were given: it was the one nobody expected.

Runaways has been exploring the conflicts and complications in several relationships between the main characters. Nico and Karolina are together now, which made the teased kiss seem particularly scandalous. Gert and Chase were previously in a relationship, but they are now separated due to Gert’s death and revival being temporally problematic. Gert and Victor are in a bit of a budding relationship that is a little strained at the moment. When it comes to romance, the Runaways have a lot to figure out – things that are getting more and more complicated as the series progresses.

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Runaways #35 – written by Rainbow Rowell with art by Andres Genolet – opens with the tense situation of Nico potentially being on the cusp of cheating on Karolina – which she does not end up doing. The teased kiss never happens. Nico and Pixie were close together and then they weren’t, as naturally as if it was no big deal, no awkwardness involved. So their relationship is secure, but things are far more complicated elsewhere. At the end of the issue, Chase is all dressed up, seemingly ready for a date. He does indeed have a date, with someone simultaneously expected and unexpected. The issue closes with Chase kissing Gert, but not the Gert that has been in the series up to now. He kisses a time-traveling Gert who is waiting for him.



This reveal is HUGE – and very complicating for the story at hand. Gert and Chase were forcibly torn apart by her death and then were distanced as a result of the age gap they now have. It seems like Chase and Gert have finally found a way to make it work, but have they actually? Gert in the present day is still with Victor. The Gert that Chase meets appears to be older, considering she has longer hair in a different color variation and has more mature features. Fans will love this long-awaited reunion, but what does this mean long-term? If Chase is dating future Gert, then that must mean Gert eventually breaks up with Victor – yet she’s meeting up with past Chase. Why isn’t she meeting the Chase that exists in her time? Like with many time-travel stories, this one leaves a lot of confusion to sift through.

While it is great to see Chase and Gert together again in some way, what kinds of implications could this have on the timeline? So far, there haven’t been many indications in this series of how time and time travel works. It is a big component of the story, since bringing back Gert is what kicked off the group getting back together. The consequences of any of this have yet to be revealed. Present-day Gert has expressed doubt about time-travel affecting anything, but it doesn’t seem like this is an aspect that will be glossed over so simply. In some ways, this is infidelity, but it isn’t, in the kind of time paradox that only science fiction could create. Does this spell doom for present-day Gert and Victor’s relationship or is this an alternate timeline for Gert that won’t impact them very much? Either way, it is clear that Chase and Gert are meant to be together, somehow, thanks to Runaways creating one of the best comic kiss twists.

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