Carpathian Mountains’ 10 Hardest Challenges

Lucas Grey is dead, Diana has betrayed Agent 47, and the Constant has finally managed to capture him. All of these developments finally bring the player to the final mission of Hitman 3, The Untouchable, set in the Carpathian Mountains. Amongst the many complicated missions featured in the various Hitman games, The Untouchable is pretty straightforward.

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It requires Agent 47 to make his way through the various carriages of the train until he reaches the last, where he can execute the Constant once and for all. However, in the course of completing this mission, players are also provided with 32 challenges in total, which they need to complete if they want to accrue useful rewards and further their Mastery Level on the map. While some of the challenges are quite easy, others are not as simple.

10 Passenger Car Door Shortcut


The Passenger Car Door located right behind Agent 47 and beside the workbench door


Although a Discovery Challenge, finding the shortcut to the closed-off section in the train can prove to be somewhat of a difficult feat. While the solution is quite uncomplicated, most players might find it hard to find their way around the problem owing to its dastardly simplicity. This shortcut can be found in the carriage that comes just after the workbench carriage.

Players will notice a section that is closed off, without any probable ways of entry. However, this section can be accessed via its window. Players need to continue ahead till they find the next window and climb out of it, backtrack to the closed-off section, and enter it through the window to complete this Discovery Challenge.

9 Snow Angel

Agent 47 right before pushing a guard over the train's ledge

If the player chooses to complete this challenge towards the end of the train, where Commando Guards are patrolling, this challenge will prove to be one of the easiest. However, if the player neglects that choice and opts to complete the feat later, it can prove to be slightly difficult.

The risks to this challenge in the later sections of the train include detection by other guards who are patrolling nearby and not being able to blindsight them if enough fuses are not collected during the gameplay. All a player needs to do to complete this challenge is push a guard off of the train’s ledge, making it look like a ridiculous accident. However, doing so will obviously prove to be suspicious activity if other guards catch Agent 47 red-handed.

8 Button Masher

Agent 47 in front of the poster containing the code for the locked door

At the very beginning of the level, players are provided with a challenge that is quite simple and hilarious when completed, but it can prove to require real imaginativeness if thought about too hard. The challenge requires Agent 47 to punch in the correct codes to unlock a door during the initial moments of the level.

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For players who have experience with previous Hitman games, it’s fairly easy to decode this mystery, as they know that clues are usually hidden in plain sight. However, for the uninitiated, conjuring the code can prove to be a huge frustration, unless of course you look at the poster on the left-hand side wall with the code “1979” clearly written on it.

7 I’m The Conductor Now

Agent 47 disguised as the Commando leader

Agent 47 donning a disguise seems like a fairly easy feat to achieve. However, it can prove to be troublesome if perfect timing, precision, and stealth are not employed. One wrong move can endanger the player and get him/her detected. While a disguise can theoretically be obtained by killing someone, shooting your way out of things isn’t the intended gameplay in a game like Hitman 3.

To complete this challenge, players need to obtain the disguise of the Commando leader. This refers to the group of guards who can be found at the very end of the train, wearing black-and-white camo uniforms. Make Agent 47 mess with the fuse in order to blind the guards, and then use the opportunity to subdue the Commando leader and take his disguise.

6 Chameleon

3 disguises out of the 7 required to complete the Chameleon challenge

“Chameleon” is a recurring challenge that has made its way into a number of Hitman installments. While the challenge itself seems uncomplicated enough – asking players to obtain multiple disguises throughout the mission – completing it can prove to be difficult. This is so because it requires Agent 47 to find seven disguises to successfully complete the challenge.

These disguises include those of the Security Guard, Commando Guard, Elite Guard, the second type of Providence Security Guard, Providence Doctor, Office Staff, and Commando Leader. The good thing is that completing this challenge will also simultaneously mean completing a number of other challenges in the process.

5 Forbidden Pineapple

Agent 47 collecting Flash grenades for Forbidden Pineapple challenge

A fairly simple task of picking up frag grenades from an ammunition table located in the middle of the train, Forbidden Pineapple seems like a cakewalk. However, it is not. The task, although fairly simple, requires Agent 47 to traverse through the compartments of the train until the player reaches a room containing arms and ammunition and two Elite guards.

Because players cannot climb over compartments, it means that Agent 47 has to successfully acquire different disguises and travel to that room without the disguise being detected. It is this requirement of the “Forbidden Pineapple” challenge that makes it a tad bit difficult – albeit immensely exciting.

4 Straight Shot

Agent 47 shooting the Constant in the head

One of the two main Assassination Challenges, “Straight Shot” requires Agent 47 to execute the Constant by shooting him in the head. The weapons used to achieve this can be anything. However, with the Constant being located at the very end of the train, the player will need to traverse the entire train’s distance to finally complete the challenge.

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Being the final task at hand, pro-players will find stealthy ways to reach the end, while others might have to shoot their way through the train’s carriages to reach the Constant. Saving the game just before entering the Constant’s carriage is advised if players wish to complete the other Assassination Challenge and Redacted Challenge as well.

3 Losing Everything

Agent 47 injecting Arthur Edwards with the serum syringe

Another Assassination Challenge, this one involves doing everything that the “Straight Shot” challenge requires. However, instead of shooting Arthur Edwards in the head, players need to pick up a syringe (containing the same serum used to wipe Agent 47’s memories), sneak up behind Edwards, and inject him with it.

Rightly dubbed “Losing Everything,” completing this task will ensure that the mission is completed and Edwards loses all his memories, as 47 stops the train and takes a stroll with the sun rising over the mountains. The difficulty of completing this challenge arguably surrounds finding a way to the other end of the train to the carriage housing the Constant.

2 A New Father

Agent 47 waking up in a white padded room

Imbued with the same difficulties that “Straight Shot” and “Losing Everything” includes, “A New Father” further complicates the completion of this challenge by testing the patience of players. Most players will either shoot the Constant or stab him with the syringe, thereby ending his tyranny. It is, after all, the most obvious thing to do.

However, the few who manage to wait for the redacted challenge for at least a minute will find themselves enjoying a brilliant secret ending. After waiting for a minute, players will be provided with the option of injecting themselves aka Agent 47 with the serum. As the cut-scene rolls, a stroll down memory lane is guaranteed, as Agent 47 wakes up in the familiar white padded room, reminiscent of Hitman Codename 47.

1 Silent Assassin, Suit Only

Agent 47 in his Subject 47 suit

Another recurring challenge that has graced the Hitman video games, “Silent Assassin, Suit Only” is quite simple as far as its requirements are concerned, but it gets rapidly tricky when trying to accomplish it.

“Silent Assassin, Suit Only” has the preset conditions of killing only the intended target (Arthur Edwards in this case), not killing any other NPC, being detected by them, or letting anybody find the body of the target, while still wearing the default suit of Subject 47. This challenge is an outright test of a player’s skills and proficiency in the game.

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