Every Rusical Winner Over The Years

A complete list of every RuPaul’s Drag Race queen that managed to win the Rusical maxi challenge of their season. Check out all the past winners!

It’s always a great time when a queen can absolutely slay a Rusical maxi challenge on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Rusical challenges were introduced to Drag Race all the way back in season 6. During that season, the judges really wanted to showcase the singing abilities of Adore Delano and Courtney Act. After all, both of those queens had been contestants in the Idol franchise. As Danny Noriega, Adore competed on American Idol season 7, making it to the semi-finals phase. In turn, Courtney competed on Australian Idol season 1 and almost made it to the finals.

Since season 6, there has been at least one Rusical on every single new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Some of those Rusical performances even challenged the queens to sing live. On the other hand, the standard procedure for modern seasons is to prerecord vocals and let the contestants just focus on dancing and lip syncing during the actual performance. Nonetheless, it is still a lot of work for the queens to learn so many lyrics, rehearse so much choreography, and put together looks and makeup based on their characters.

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Following the latest Rusical on Drag Race season 13, it’s the perfect time to look back at all the queeens who won this very tough maxi challenge. The first Rusical winner was Courtney Act, who won “Shade: The Rusical” over Adore Delano’s stellar performance. On season 7’s “Glamazonian Airways”, Ginger Minj took the win. Then, the late Chi Chi DeVayne won the “B*tch Perfect” Rusical on season 8. A year later, Shea Coulee won season 9’s “Reality Stars: The Musical”. Curiously, season 10 had two musical challenges: “PharmaRusical” (won by The Vixen) and “Cher: The Unauthorized Rusical” (won by Kameron Michaels).

The list of Rusical winners on Drag Race goes on to include Silky Nutmeg Ganache’s “Trump: The Rusical” win on season 11. To the shock of many fans, Jan was overlooked during season 12’s “Madonna: The Unauthorized Rusical”, which led to the face crack of the century. For that maxi challenge, RuPaul gave Gigi Goode yet another win. Alas, Rosé avenged her Stephanie’s Child bandmate Jan and won the “Social Media: The Unverified Rusical” challenge on season 13.

Look at that list of winners, it is clear that Rosé has joined a league of legends. It is also very heartwarming for the fans to know that she was able to avenge Jan on the show.

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RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13 airs Fridays at 8pm EST on VH1.

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