Kris Jenner Sparks Skincare Line Rumors with New Trademarks

Kris Jenner is rumored to be launching a line of beauty and skincare products following a series of trademarks. Here is what we know about the line.

Keeping up with the Kardashians matriarch, Kris Jenner may be following in her daughter’s footsteps by coming out with her own line of skincare or beauty products. Rumors were sparked of a potential beauty line after the mother of six trademarked several different names that included her full name with beauty and skincare attached. This may be the beauty line fans of the Kardashians have been needing.

It is no surprise that the mother of the two beauty moguls plans to come out with her own line of beauty products in the future. Her second eldest daughter, Kim Kardashian, released her beauty line KKW Beauty back in 2017 by launching a contour and highlight stick. Since then, the brand has expanded to eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, and so much more. Kris’ youngest daughter, Kylie Jenner, was the first in the family to begin a beauty line, which she calls Kylie Cosmetics. She launched her brand with lips kits that included a lip liner and a liquid lipstick. Kylie has grown her line exponentially since the beginning.

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According to documents filed on February 10, People reported Kris Jenner has taken the first to launch her very own beauty empire by trademarking a series of different names. The 65-year-old has trademarked “Kris Jenner Beauty,” “Kris Jenner Skin” and “Kris Jenner Skincare.” The reality star also listed a series of different beauty products that may be included in the brand’s lineup, such as cosmetics, skincare, nail care products, fake eyelashes, hair care products, and fragrances. Kris has yet to comment on the beauty line rumors.



Seeing how successful Kim and Kylie have become through their beauty lines, it is only natural for Kris to want to join in on the prosperity. Kim has also been able to launch her uber-successful line of shape-wear, SKIMS, after the progress of her beauty line. As for Kylie, she was able to sell 51 percent of her company back in 2019 to the beauty corporation Coty Inc. for $600 million. Kim also sold 20 percent of KKW Beauty to the beauty corporation for $200 million back in June. Her other daughters may not have beauty lines, but they have been successful in their own business ventures. Khloé co-founded Good American, Kourtney started her own lifestyle website, Poosh, while Kendall recently came out with her own tequila brand called 818 Tequila.

Kris has always supported her daughters and their business ventures no matter what they wanted to pursue. Throughout Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kris has been there through business meetings, product launches, and so much more. Kris has also been managing her family for so long and feels it is her time to start something she is passionate about. Kris is ready to begin her own business venture and for her family to support her endeavors.

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