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Toyota Gazoo Racing Releases Survey For Potential GR Super Sport Customers

Advertisements Advertisements After unveiling its entry into the Le Mans hypercar class, Toyota now looks like its courting customers for the road-going version. A questionnaire caught by Reddit user HodorDurden seems to be gathering information from customers who might be interested in ordering what it is tentatively calling the “GR Super Sport.” Along with questions […]

This 12,000-Mile Mercedes-Benz 190E Is In Near Concours Condition

Advertisements Advertisements Few cars represent German over-engineering like the Mercedes-Benz 190E. And this 1992 car is a near-perfect example that’s being offered without reserve. Although the 190E isn’t exactly rare, since during its 11-year life Mercedes sold more than 1.8 million units, one in such good condition doesn’t come around all that often. Finished in […]